NI Parasol Cover

SLIK Outdoor Living


This cover for your NI Parasol will help to protect it when not in use. This cover will help prevent the fabric from being worn down or damaged by heavy rain, snow, or UV light when your NI is not in use. Covers are also useful if the parasol is being moved to prevent the fabric on your NI from being ripped or torn. Preserve the longevity and integrity of your Sunbrella facric with a parasol cover.

Small size is suitable for the NI180S and NI250.

Large size is suitable for the NI300, NI300S, and NI350.


We’re proud to offer designers a discount on all of our products. If you are a designer with a registered company, please contact us at to receive your discount code that can be applied at checkout.

For orders greater than 5 parasols, we recommend you contact us directly for a quote at, or using the contact form on the Contact Us page of this website.

Note: The parasol pole is 48mm in diameter, but has a cable outlet attached. Therefore, we recommend your table hole diameter be a minimum of 58mm.

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