Restaurants & Bars

The NI Parasol is not just designed for personal use. The NI offers bars and restaurants a host of features that can help to position yourself ahead of your competitors.

The NI Parasol can serve to add a unique aesthetic to your venue. With the restaurant market becoming more and more competitive, owners are looking for any angle to give them a competitive advantage. Draw customers in by defining your patio as a beacon of light, among the dull, grey restaurants that surround you.

By allowing your customers and guests to control their own lighting, it creates a unique and individual feel, that will keep them coming back to your restaurant or bar.

The NI also contains industry-specific features, such as our cleverly mounted service light. By integrating a light bulb on the top of the parasol, NI can serve to streamline your customer service process, and enhance satisfaction. At the push of a button, this top light illuminates, signaling to your wait staff that something is needed by a customer. This makes it easy for your guests to get a hold of their server, and is a feature not seen at any of your competitors.


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