The NI Parasol is perfect to enhance the visual aesthetic of any backyard or patio. NI will allow you to change the dynamic in which you host guests, or enjoy your backyard. By providing a unique lighting solution, NI is not only a visual piece. By illuminating the area around it, the NI Parasol can function to create unobtrusive light that allows a party, social gathering, or some much-needed relaxation time to continue well past when the sun sets.

The NI Parasol can shade you and your guests during the day, and give you the ability to enjoy your backyard as the day seamlessly transitions from day to night, all while still being embraced by the light NI produces, specifically designed to relaxation and calmness.

SLIK Outdoor Living makes it easier than ever to purchase the NI Parasol for personal use. Browse online our large selection of models, options, colours, and accessories, and purchase right from your browser. Your NI Parasol will be shipped to you shortly after, so you can begin enjoying everything NI has to offer.


For orders greater than 5 parasols, we recommend you contact us directly for a quote at, or using the contact form on the Contact Us page of this website.