NI Parasol

"NI" means neither/nor in French, a name chosen to reflect the versatility of the NI Parasol. Designed in Hong Kong by the renowned award-winning product designer Terry Chow, the NI is able to bring you luxury at home in a deceptively simple package. You can have beautiful ambient lighting on your private terrace or backyard in a neat parasol that easily suits any setting. The NI Parasol challenges established norms and brings us the future of outdoor lighting. It provides the perfect lighting to suit any mood and caters to any setting. From romantic candlelit dinners, large dinner parties or even if you just want to enjoy the outdoors with a good book at night, the NI can provide lighting for any condition.

The colour temperatures were carefully selected and the LED modules were strategically placed to create ideal lighting conditions. The down-light setting is suitable for events such as romantic candlelit dinners. The up-light setting is a warm light that creates the perfect mood for dinner parties with a large group of friends. In whatever setting, NI creates the perfect ambiance!

Sustainability was one of the many major considerations in the design of the NI Parasol. Not only is the parasol made from sustainable materials, it is also energy efficient, requiring only an equivalent of three 60W light bulbs to produce a light that is brighter and reaches further. The simple to use finger sensing One-Touch-Dimmer (OTD) control makes it easy and quick achieve the preferred lighting conditions.