The NI Parasol is uniquely suited to providing outdoor lighting and shade solutions to members of the hospitality industry, specifically hotels and resorts. The NI fits pool or beach-side, and it's high quality, resilient design, allows it to stand up to any environmental conditions it's exposed to.

The NI Parasol can allow your guests to relax by the beach or pool, long after the sun has gone down, still fully immersed in the warm light from NI. This unique and individual feelings will help to paint a picture of a hotel that is quick to innovate, and provide the foremost in guest services and experience.

The NI also contains industry-specific features, such as our cleverly mounted service light. By integrating a light bulb on the top of the parasol, NI can serve to streamline your customer service process, and enhance satisfaction. At the push of a button, this top light illuminates, signaling to your wait staff that something is needed by a guest. This makes it easy for your guests to get a hold of their server, and is a feature not seen at any of your competitors.


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