How to Measure Lighting on Your NI Parasol

by Graham Gould Maule July 05, 2016

How to Measure Lighting on Your NI Parasol

An interesting note of why light intensity matters, and how your NI Parasol has been designed with this in mind.


Lighting design must take into consideration light source intensities and the luminous flux of the lighting object.

The measure unit for the light source intensity is Lumen while the intensity of illumination measurement is Lux. The relationship between the two is 1 Lux = 1 Lumen/m2.

Suppose we have a 10w LED lamp, which has a total luminous flux of 600 Lumens. If this 600 Lumens are all concentrated in 1 square metre of the desktop, the desktop illumination is 600 Lux.

1 In commercial lighting, bright foods, especially bread, burgers, seafood, BBQ, etc can stimulate appetite. These restaurants’ windows tend to have more than 1000 Lux illumination. Jewelry, watches, clocks, clothing stores, also prefer bright illumination in order to stimulate the desire to buy. Precision industry, color printing, museums, galleries, optical shops, 3c stores, bookstores, typing, charting and surgery should have 1000 Lux
intensity of illumination.

2 General lighting for offices, classrooms, stores, general stores, coffee shops,
fast food restaurants, factories and production lines is 300-800 Lux.

3 For non-working occasions such as railway stations, airports, hospitals,
buildings, halls, rooms, hallways, stairwells and toilets, are 100-100 Lux are
used. Parks, parking lots, and streets can be as low as 10-50 Lux.

4 For operating time, commercial lighting, general lighting the operating period of time can drop to 100-300 Lux.

5 In decorative lighting, chandeliers with LED candle lights require little Lux. Normally a 3W 200lm LED Candle lamp is enough for the chandelier fixture. Appropriate lighting has a significant impact on the competitiveness of the stores. Convenience stores and department stores focused on the first floor shop, including cosmetics & jewelries. Intensity of illumination are more than 2000 lux. If the light intensity is not enough, it will not attract the attention and desire. If lighting is excessively insufficient, it even can increase clients’ fatigue and sleepiness.

Graham Gould Maule
Graham Gould Maule


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